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If you’re not trading online yet, you are losing huge market share to the companies who do. We are here to guide you to the world of online trading and bring your business to the next level with our E-Commerce Solutions. Whether you are B2B or B2C, eDesigners has the solution for you.

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Remember when shopping meant walking into a store, or at the very least phoning up to order something from a catalogue? It wasn’t that long ago that online shopping was merely a dream in the hearts of shopaholics everywhere. With the credit crunch more and more people are shopping at their convenience from home and work places through the internet.

Now loads of organizations are experiencing unbelievable growth as their products become available to local, national and international customers around the clock, made possible by the use of online stores and E-commerce. These mediums are taking businesses to places they never imagined possible. At eDesigners we will assess your needs and work out an E-commerce solution to suit your organization ‘s online sales targets according to your budgets.

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payment gateway integration

Our Payment Gateway Integration services enable you to receive payments online through a variety of payment methods. With our extensive experience in the implementation of popular payment gateways, such as Paypal, Authorizenet, 2CO, Bank Merchant Gateways etc. we can provide an end-to-end solution starting from helping you choose the right service provider based on your requirements till the seamless integration of the service with your system. Our online stores and e-commerce are safe and secure, taking the risk out of online trading. We ensure secure processing while maintaining the best possible security measurements while avoiding security vulnerabilities.

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goal tracking and conversions

The key advantage of the digital world is that everything is measurable. Whether you want to track conversion rates, sales, clicks, shares or know how many people have filled out your enquiry forms – we have you covered. Defining proper E-Commerce Goals help to measure the success of your E-Commerce website and gives advanced insights to your E-Business. It is vital to frequently evaluate the data and optimize your E-Commerce website based on the highly valuable statistics. eDesigners will enable this via E-Commerce inbuilt tools as well as the Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

E-Commerce Solutions Sri Lanka

we recommend magento

Choosing the right ecommerce platform for your business can be an exceedingly difficult one. Magento is the eCommerce platform trusted by the world’s leading brands. Magento is the top eCommerce platform for the Internet Retailer TOP 500, with 40% marketshare. Magento can provide a solution with significant return on investment. Magento’s feature rich eCommerce platform will provide you with unprecedented flexibility and control over look, content and functionality and therefore saving you time and money instead of developing features from scratch. Magento is a PHP based platform whereas many other well-known eCommerce platforms are Java based. It is well known that making modifications in PHP is faster vs Java and PHP powers more than 70 % of the web. This ensures that your development costs are lower and far more widely supported. Magento’s open source platform encourages a strong eco-network. As a result you can have the peace of mind that this platform is not only future-proof but is also well supported by more than 400,000 community members including eDesigners.

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we support more shopping carts

While Magento is our recommended program for online shops and E-commerce, there are other shopping carts that we support, including:Prestashop: PrestaShop is a free, open source e-commerce solution. The software is published under the Open Software License. It is written in the PHP programming language with support for the MySQL database management system. PrestaShop is currently used by 250,000 shops worldwide and is available in 60 different languages

Virtuemart: Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3, the new generation of the E-Commerce solution VirtueMart is now available with many new easing features. Built with the experience of more than 10 years VirtueMart 3 provides you with a powerful and comprehensive eCommerce solution. We give you a flavour of the work we have done to provide you with one of the best open-source e-commerce solution around!

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software integration (API)

System integration is at the heart of our competency. We believe we are one of only a handful of technical companies that really understand database construction and integration, and we are proud to offer our customers this expert service. We recognize that the efficiency of the technology you use is crucial to the success of any project, and have integrated with a wide variety of systems including: ERP Systems, Accounting Systems, Freight Management / Shipping Systems, Customer Relationship Management Systems, HR Systems Etc.

e-commerce system integration

proper guidance and support

We understand that many businesses are unsure where to start when it comes to online trading and eCommerce, that’s why eDesigners provides full support for the duration of our projects, leaving our customers with nothing to worry about. With personalized customer support and training, we will help you effortlessly navigate the information superhighway and all the in-betweens including managing product inventory, evaluating sales figures, moderating product reviews, optimizing the product stores with keyword tags and answering customer queries. We make this transition period as smooth as possible for our customers so they can watch as the sales come in, while we do the rest.

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