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Web design is no longer limited to the desktop. With the popularity of portable devices continually increasing, it comes as no surprise that mobile and tablet internet usage is set to overtake desktop internet use by end of 2015 in Sri Lanka as well. If you’re site isn’t mobile responsive yet, it really should be, because Google have officially announced in April 21st 2015, that a Responsive Website Will be a Ranking Criteria on Google. Therefore, If you’re site isn’t mobile responsive yet, it really should be.

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responsive web design sri lanka

The team at eDesigners is experts when it comes to responsive website design, designing websites that provide the optimal user experience no matter the device. We’re here to assist shift our customers into the mobile age, offering support during every step of the evolution.

Using flexible CSS grids & jQuery plug-ins, we develop websites that fit and work on an array of devices. Gone are the days of developing multiple websites for different browsers, saving our customers a lot of valuable time and money.

responsive website development srilanka

today, mobile is a must

The significance of mobile compatibility is paramount to online success. Think about the ways that you have personally interacted with businesses lately; at the end of 2014 our guess was that a majority of it was not at a desktop computer. See all those people on the streets, in busses and cafes who are scrolling furiously on their smart phone or tablet? These are all potential customers. According to the reports issued on 2015 May, Google has officially announced that there is more Searches now on Mobile than on Desktop. In Sri Lanka alone out of the Mobile market share, 65% is now on Smart Phones according to the Global Stats.

Don’t fall behind. Mobile friendly access is an absolute must-have for today’s blooming businesses. We strongly recommend you choose a responsive mobile website or a responsive mobile application for your website in order to meet changing customer requirements, rival the competition and to show that your company is up to date with the latest trends and state of the art technology.

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100% future proof

Gone are the days where you could only access a website while sitting down at a desktop computer. We now access the web from numerous devices or platforms, including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Technology evolves within no time and these devices revolutionize and update constantly. While it’s important to make sure your website is mobile responsive, we also stays on top of emerging technologies to guarantee that your site changes with the latest trends and market patterns. Think about it, if the screen resolutions are changing, shouldn’t the content you’re looking at change, too? because when it comes to a website content is the key, and the readability should user friendly.

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meet responsive design

Using flexible CSS grids and jQuery plugins, we develop your website so that it fits and works on a range of devices including PCs, tablets and smartphones. To put it simply, we will take your website and make it mobile friendly.

The promise behind responsive design is that no matter what device you’re accessing the website from, it remains optimized for the best possible viewing experience. eDesigners’ mobile responsive designs are compatible over a wide range of mobile devices, working with most popular smart phones and tablets. Choosing eDesigners for your mobile compatible, responsive website design saves time, resources and money, using a one size fits all approach.

responsive website development srilanka

we take it to the next level

eDesigners mobile sites go beyond expectations. We don’t just create your websites mobile accessible; we make them as user friendly, visually pleasing and remarkable as any of our standard full scale web designs. The eDesigners responsive web solutions include amazing features like mobile headers, mobile menus, sticky navigation and adaptive images. Our responsive web solutions cater for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones using the popular Bootstrap framework.

In our solutions, we believe that simplicity is the key. We use the most user friendly mobile menu currently available, where the user is provided with a minimal header as well as a ‘Facebook style’ left hand mobile menu. We know what works to make your mobile website as user friendly as possible.

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smartphone first

The beauty of the modern day web is that things change continuously. Few years ago we would never have been asked to create a mobile site before a desktop website and now this is what we urge to our customers.

eDesigners have adopted the emerging standard ‘mobile first’ approach for both the creative process and implementation. Knowing how things will appear mobile ensures the website hierarchy and flow is correct on all devices. This is reinforcement of just how imperative mobile responsiveness is for web design, as it no longer an afterthought, but the very thing your website needs in order to succeed in the world wide web.

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